May 29, 2007 Hearing Information

Informational Hearing

AB 32: Early Action Items Status Report

State Capitol, Room 3191
May 29, 2007
Upon Adjournment of Session


I. Opening Comments

  • Senator Christine Kehoe, Chairwoman
    Senate Energy, Utilities & Communications Subcommittee on Alternative Energy

II. Panel 1: Early Action Items Status Report

  • Robert Sawyer, Chairman
    Air Resources Board
  • Catherine Witherspoon, Executive Officer
    Air Resources Board

III. Panel 2: Advisory Committee Status Report: Responsibilities, objectives and concerns

  • Dr. Alan Lloyd, Chairman
    Economic and Technology Advancement Advisory Committee (ETAAC).
  • Angela Johnson-Meszaros, Co-Chairwoman (PPT)
    Environmental Justice Advisory Committee (EJAC)
  • Winston Hickox, Chairman
    Market Advisory Committee (MAC)

IV. Panel 3: Environmental Organizations & the AB 32 Implementation Working Group: Thoughts and Concerns

  • Devra Wang, Director California Energy Program
    Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • Bill Magavern, Senior Legislative Representative
    Sierra Club
  • Dorothy Rothrock, V.P. of Government Relations
    California Manufacturers & Technology Association - AB 32 Implementation Working Group

V. Panel 4: Public Comments

Panelist Biographies
AB 32 Timeline
AB 32 Factsheet (PPT)
AB 32 Metric Ton equivalents
Prior Legislation