April 24, 2023 Hearing

  • This hearing will take place at 3:00 p.m. or upon adjournment of Session in Room 1200 of the 1021 O St. Building.
  • The public participation phone line will be posted closer to the hearing date.
  • Bills are heard in file order.
  • Analyses will be available closer to the hearing date.
  • Position Letters due April 18th by 3:00 p.m.

Participant number: 1-877-226-8163

ACCESS CODE: 7362834

April 24, 2023 Agenda

April 24, 2023 Hearing Results

April 24, 2023 Video

1.SB 83WienerPublic utilities: electrical distribution grid: interconnection.
2.SB 488Alvarado-Gil
California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: vioenergy projects:
community choice aggregators.
3.SB 619Padilla
State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission:
certification of facilities: electrical transmission lines.
4.SB 823
Discounted Electric Vehicle Charging Payment Card Program.
5.SB 837ArchuletaEnergy: building energy standards: unvented attics.
6.SB 15GroveOil imports: air quality emissions data.
7.SB 286McGuireOffshore wind energy projects.
8.SB 319McGuireElectricity: transmission planning.
9.SB 355EggmanMultifamily Affordable Housing Solar Roofs Program.
10.SB 746EggmanEnergy conservation contracts: alternate energy equipment: hydrogen.
11.SB 420BeckerElectricity: electrical transmission facility projects.
12.SB 755BeckerEnergy efficiency and building decarbonization programs.
13.SB 527MinNeighborhood Decarbonization Program.
14.SB 664SternEnergy: renewable energy resources and zero-carbon resources.
15.SB 781SternMethane emissions: low-methane natural gas.
16.SB 851SternSelf-generation incentive program.