2019-2020 Subcommittee Hearings

October 13, 2020 -- Gas Safety Retrospective: A Decade Since San Bruno

Gas Safety Improvements Table


November 8, 2019 -- Safety, from the Ground Up: An Update from the California Dig Safe Board

  • Agenda                                               2019 Dig Safe Plan                           Dig Safe Board Legislative Review
  • Background
  • Presentation: Tony Marino, Executive Director, California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation (Dig Safe) Board
  • Presentation: Carl Voss, Board Chair, California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation (Dig Safe) Board
  • Presentation: Marjorie Del Toro, Board Member, California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation (Dig Safe) Board
  • Presentation: James Wingate, Executive Director, USA North 811
  • Presentation: Sunil Shori, Utilities Engineer/Dig Safe Board Liaison, Safety & Enforcement Division California Public Utilities Commission
  • Presentation: Omar Rivera, Director, Gas System Integrity and Programs, Southern California Gas and San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Presentation: Bret Barrow, Senior Legislative Advocate, United Contractors
  • Public Comment


August 14, 2019 -- With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Preparing for Electric Utility De-Energization

  • Agenda
  • Background
  • Presentation: Joanne Serina, Executive Director of Cusomer Service & Stakeholder Affairs, California Independent System Operator
  • Presentation: Elizaveta Malashenko, Deputy Executive Director, Safety and Enforcement, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Presentation: Caroline Thomas-Jacobs, Chief of Headquarters Operations, Response Section,Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
  • Presentation: Sumeet Singh, Vice President of Asset, Risk Management & Community Wildfire Safety, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • Presentation: Lance Hastings, President, California Manufacturers & Technology Association
  • Presentation: Scott Murtishaw, Senior Advisor, Regulatory Affairs, California Solar + Storage Association
  • Presentation: Melissa Kasnitz, Legal Director, Center for Accessible Technology
  • Presentation: Terry Crowley P.E., Healdsburg Utility Director, City of Healdsburg  
  • Presentation: Mayor Sam Liccardo, City of San José
  • Presentation: Alexander R. Coate, General Manager, East Bay Municipal Utility District  


May 14, 2019 -- Safeguarding Safety: Participation of Safety Advocates in a Regulatory Landscape    **VIDEO**