2010 Informational Hearings

2010 Informational Hearings

November 9, 2010 Informational Hearing: PIER (Part 2)


October 26, 2010 Informational Hearing: Nuclear Power and California's Clean Energy Future

October 19, 2010 Joint Informational Hearing with the Senate Public Safety Committee: The San Bruno Explosion: Pipeline Safety in California

August 10, 2010 Informational Hearing: Sunset review of the Public Interest Energy Research Program administered by the California Energy Commission                                                                                        (Video - Part 1)   (Video - Part 2)


August 6, 2010 Joint Informational Hearing with the Senate Transportation and Housing: Charging Ahead: Electric Vehicles and the Impact on Electricity Delivery in California AUDIO


April 6, 2010 Informational Hearing: California Energy Commission – ARRA Grants


March 16, 2010 Informational Hearing: The Negawatt: Utility Energy Efficiency Programs & Progress and ARRA Funds: California Energy Commission                                                                                   Video

March 15, 2010 Review of the California Public Utilities Commission and of the Division of Ratepayers Advocates

February 25, 2010 Prop. 16: New Two-thirds Vote Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers

February 16, 2010: Informational Hearing; Broadband in California and the Digital Infrastructure Video Competition Act of 2006   Video

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